Review From Edenique de Beaumont for florist "If you are looking for photographs
that keep a smile on your face while
seeing them, you should definitely
consider Yaira as your photographer!
Her pictures are pure, light, modern
and perfectly in detail!"
Review From claimy anthonissen for wedding planner "I love to work with yaira of Studio Phylicia. The first time we met was for a photoshoot for my business. I was going trough her galleries and the I knew she was the one I wanted to be photographed by. She was able to capture me at a way I had never seen myself.

In the meanwhile, we have done a few photoshoots together. And I love working with her as a wedding planner. She is creative, has a beautiful style, works extremely hard and always strives for the best results. In addition, Yaira is also very nice as a human being, which makes the collaboration more enjoyable"
Review From Dorien Janssen for wedding photography "We are until this day very happy with the photographs Yaira took of us at our wedding day.

Especially the personal attention was very pleasant not only during the wedding, but also in the run-up to the wedding and afterwards. The result has become amazing!"